Specimen garden

The park area of the City Garden is called a specimen garden. It is an open park and recreation area for everyone, where you can explore both familiar and rare broadleaf and coniferous trees and ornamental bushes. The construction of the area started in 1989.

The park area is about eight hectares in size and contains a large number of plants that thrive under Finnish conditions, which can be viewed on the paths and grass fields of the area. Plants can be found throughout the entire area of the specimen garden.

Summer flowers
Riot of colour in the summer flower beds. Photo: Sari Turkka

Summer flower and herb beds

During the summer, you can admire vines, new summer flowers and classics. Some flowers are under test cultivation for the city’s summer flower beds. On the herb side, you can explore edible plants and vegetables. The gates are open to everyone, and you can walk around in the area or eat your snacks in the shadows of the vines.


The garden playground was completed in honour of the Green Year 2000. In addition to traditional swings, climbing equipment and a sandpit, the playground includes playful wooden figures manufactured at the wood workshop of the City of Espoo.

Pine tree park and stone garden

A Japanese-style stone garden is spread beneath a large pine tree growing on a rock. Its special attractions include the magnificent Norway spruces and the large hemlock.


In the orchard, apples, plums and pears are in flower in the spring, and their fruit can be tasted on a small scale during the autumn. Some of the apple trees are more than 50 years old. In the landscape field, meadow flowers provide a burst of colour in the summer, attracting butterflies, bees and other pollinators to the garden.