Functions of the City Garden

Storage and procurement

The City Garden has a warehouse serving the needs of street constructors and landscapers as well as the city’s green area maintenance and other units. We store play equipment and rubbish bins, among other things.

The City Garden invites tenders for, purchases and stores, for example, garden fertilisers, soil, plant protectants, mulch, summer flowers and bushes, perennials and small seedlings of street and park trees used by the City of Espoo.

Composting and production of soil

The City Garden has been composting horse manure and garden waste for 30 years. The current compost field was introduced in 2003. It spans 0.7 hectares.

Plant residues and horse manure, as well as litter materials in manure, such as peat and straw, are composted on the compost field. During composting, sand and peat are added.

Horse manure is brought to the compost field by several horse stables. Written agreements have been made with all stables, and bringing manure in is subject to a charge. Garden waste is brought in by the city’s own units.

The compost field processes up to 4,000 tons of horse manure and up to 3,500 tons of garden waste per year. The quantity of soil produced each year is approximately 4,000 tons. The operation is in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act.

Trees growing in the tree bank
Trees are grown in a tree bank for the needs of the city. Photo: Veli Turpeinen

Street tree production

Large street and park trees are grown in the City Garden for the city’s own sites. Co-operation is done with designers, street constructors, landscapers, green area maintenance and contractors.

The size of the tree production area is six hectares, and the average number of trees growing is one thousand. The most common trees we grow are different varieties of oak and linden, horse chestnut, Norway maple and fluttering elm.

We develop our activities by experimenting with new tree species that are resistant to disease and meet the needs of the future in the changed conditions caused by climate change.

Production of seasonal plants

We grow part of the city’s summer flowers and make summer flower plans for the green area maintenance units.

We have a greenhouse built in 1995 with a floor area of approximately 500 square metres. The City Garden produces smaller batches of summer flowers, new species, modules, rootstock and large, winterable central plants itself.

Wood workshop

The wood workshop is part of the City Garden, and it produces various products from wood for the needs of the city and its residents.

The best-known product is probably the Tapiola bench produced since the 1960s. The benches are manufactured and spray-painted at the workshop. The main colours are white, green, red and orange.

Our city has a number of playgrounds for which we make storage boxes for play equipment and colourful animal-shaped wood sculptures. In the sculptures, the only limit is imagination. They bring joy to many children from generation to generation and are very popular play equipment.

The wood workshop also produces signs for the city’s nature trails, dog parks and allotment gardens. In addition to this, the workshop’s duties include a lot of repair work and the manufacture of changing rooms, terraces and storage buildings.

A piece of playground equipment

A piece of playground equipment made at the wood workshop of the City Garden. Photo: Pasi Niskanen