Espoo City Garden

The Espoo City Garden has operated in Vanttila in Kauklahti since 1978. It is surrounded by a green park, a specimen garden where you can explore both familiar and rare plants.

The park includes a playground where, in addition to swings, climbing equipment and a sandpit, you can find wooden playground equipment built at the city’s wood workshop. The eight-hectare park is open to all. You can walk around the area and enjoy your own snacks.

The City Garden also has a central warehouse serving the needs of street constructors and landscapers as well as the city’s green area maintenance and other units. We store play equipment and rubbish bins, among other things.

Espoo City Garden seen from the air.
Espoo City Garden seen from the air. Photo: Juha Kalaoja

We build and maintain the park for residents. We cooperate with schools, day-care centres and associations. You can submit development ideas through the feedback system and on your mobile device with the Trimble Feedback application.

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