Action programme for meadows in Espoo

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2020-10-22 7:44

The nature management unit of the Public Works Department has started the process of drawing up an action programme for meadows and open areas. The aim of the project is to produce concrete information and to develop the management, number, network and diversity of meadows over a period of ten years and also make meadows a more important part of Espoo residents’ living environment.

An action programme will be drawn up regarding open green areas owned by the City of Espoo. The programme will enable the city to steer the maintenance and development of meadows and landscape fields in a goal-oriented manner. Based on an analysis of the target area, the locations of meadows and potential new meadows will be presented, taking into account their landscape-related, ecological or functional value as well as their connections. This information will be used to create a meadows network plan that will set out the targets and the direction of development.

The description of the current situation seeks to find answers to the following questions, for example:

  • Where are the meadows located and how large are they?
  • What are the conditions in the meadows?
  • What values are related to the meadows (landscape, nature, cultural environment, recreational use)?

The purpose of examining the connections between meadows is to understand the network they create:

  • How are the meadows connected to each other?
  • What kind of network is created by the meadows?
  • Where is the network strong, diverse and connected? Where is the network weak?
  • What new areas would support the network?
  • What areas are disconnected from the network? What values are related to them?

This work is based on Espoo´s plicy on the management of forests and meadows (publication in Finnish). The action programme for meadows and open areas will show meadows on the map more extensively as a whole and give them clear value. With the help of the action programme, the city can better prioritise management measures and find the gems that should be preserved. Meadows are also included in the city’s nature and landscape management plans (in Finnish). The action programme will be completed by February 2021 and submitted to the Technical Services Committee for approval.

Ramboll, the city’s contracted consultancy firm, is serving as a consultant and ProAgria Etelä-Suomi’s MKN maisemapalvelut as a sub-consultant in this project.