Outdoor activities in and around Central Park

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Espoo Central Park provides opportunities for outdoor activities and nature experiences all year round. Enjoy the beautiful local nature in Espoo!

Be sure to follow the public right of access and, when inside a nature reserve, the nature protection regulations. Be considerate towards other visitors. Camping and open fires are not allowed in Central Park. Central Park is our common responsibility. Remember to put your rubbish in the bin or take it home.

Walking and jogging

Central Park houses several outdoor routes, a nature trail and three fitness tracks. The 1.5 km Kokinmetsä track and the 4.3 km Kuurinmetsä track are walked or run counter-clockwise, and the 2.5 km Nissinhaka track in the clockwise direction. Due to its hilly terrain, the Kuurinmetsä track provides enough challenge even for the fittest of people.

In future, the park will have an additional nature trail as part of the Espoo Central Park Rusetti project. This new trail will be some 3 kilometres in length and wind along Majkärr and Central Park forest nature reserves, Ritva's Forest, Mössenkärr pond and meadow, and Rönnängen meadow. You can access it by following outdoor routes from Suna, Puolarmetsä or Kuurinniitty, and either complete the whole trail or only a part of it.

Those with dogs can make an additional pit stop in dog parks in Olari or Saarnilaakso. Outside these parks, the dogs must be kept on a leash.


Central Park offers an excellent bike route for both commuters and recreational bikers. There are not separately marked trails, but all the outdoor routes can also be travelled by bike. Mountain bikes can be used on all existing paths. Remember to wear a helmet and take other park goers into account.

Cross-country skiing

In winter, fitness tracks and many outdoor routes are turned into ski tracks, some with lights. Remember the correct direction of course: In Kokinmetsä and Kuurinmetsä, the tracks are skied counter-clockwise, and in Nissinhaka in the clockwise direction.

From Central Park, you can get as far as Nuuksio without once removing your skis – that's 22 kilometres from Suna! Unbroken track network extends as far as Oittaa, Kivenlahti and Finnoo. If you want to take a break, the Akilles hut sells coffee and buns on Saturdays and Sundays, and during the school’s winter break week daily from 11 am to 4 pm.


Orienteerers can enjoy 22 fixed control points spread out over a 10-kilometre track in Central Park. The points are relocated on a yearly basis. Maps are available, free of charge, at Citizen’s Offices and the City of Espoo Sports Services. As everyone sets their own pace, orienteering fits beginners, school children, recreational athletes and sports enthusiasts alike. The track is best accessed from Suna, Puolarmaari or Olari. Dress according to the weather and do not forget to bring a compass.


Geocaching is an outdoor recreational activity, in which participants use GPS to seek containers hidden in nature. It offers a fun way to explore nature and experience familiar places in a completely new way alone or with the whole family. If you happen to bump into someone gazing up towards treetops or peeping under rocks, there is nothing to get alarmed about. You have probably met a geocacher. There are more than 20 caches hidden in different parts of Central Park, which offer challenges and a sense of success for both beginners and experienced searchers.