Transport connections

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Nature House Villa Elfvik is located in Laajalahti, eastern Espoo, on the side of Ruukinranta, next to the Laajalahti Nature Reserve.

Many prefer to walk or cycle around Laajalahti Bay and arrive at the Nature House by following the signposts along the Espoo Rantaraitti trail.

The house is also easily accessible by public transport:

Buses: 113, 212, 213N, 550 and 555 on Ring I, 213 and 280  on Turunväylä Highway.

Trains:  A, E, L, U and Y trains to the Leppävaara Station with a bus connection to the house.

Find the most suitable route for you by using the Journey Planner. The address is Elfvikintie 4, Espoo.

By car:  Driving route to Villa Elfvik changed as of 2 December 2019. The intersection of Ring I and Ruukinrannantie was closed on Monday, 2 December 2019 due to the construction work on Ring I. Please drive to the Nature House Villa Elfvik via Perkkaa and Ruukinranta.

The route from Ring I to the Nature House goes through the Säterinsolmu junction and Perkkaa. Please also use this route if you arrive from the direction of Turku via Turunväylä. Simply follow the signs to Perkkaa and you will find the right junction.

If you arrive from Helsinki via Turunväylä, take the Vermonsolmu exit to Perkkaa and then turn left to Ruukinranta.

 From Ruukinrannantie, follow the sign to Elfvikintie. Parking space next to the road.