Principles of Temporary Use

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External parties may be granted the right to use Villa Elfvik temporarily if the building is not used by the Nature House itself at the time. In such cases, the external party must always obtain a written permit to use the premises.

If the party will use the premises to hold an open event related to environmental education, no rent will be charged. The only costs to be invoiced will be the fee for unlocking and locking the doors. The units of the City of Espoo may hold events at Villa Elfvik for free.

If the event will take place outside Villa Elfvik’s opening hours, the building’s key can only be handed over to an employee or an elected official (City Board, City Council, Committees and Boards) of the City of Espoo, whether the person is performing his or her official duties or holding a private event. If misconduct is detected, the key will no longer be handed over to the person in question.


Please call or e-mail the Nature House to make a preliminary reservation. The permit to use the Nature House’s downstairs for events and meetings is always given in a written form. The reservation becomes binding when the external party reserving the premises returns a signed permit to the Nature House. If you reserve the meeting room Uuttu, you will receive a reservation confirmation for your approval by e-mail.

Compensation for use

The external party reserving the premises shall pay the City of Espoo a fee for using the space. The fee is based on the price list confirmed by the city’s Environment Committee. The fee will be in invoiced after the event. The term of payment is 14 days net, subject to a penalty interest in force at the relevant time. The external party will also be invoiced for any door unlocking and locking costs charged by the security company. If necessary, 50% of the fee may be invoiced in advance. The sum will be deducted from the final invoice. The times required for preparing for the event and cleaning up after it are not subject to a fee.                     

Available premises

Villa Elfvik’s lower floor and the lower floor kitchen are available for use. If necessary, the exhibition rooms can be left unlocked. No food or drinks may be consumed in the exhibition rooms. The information room, library and upstairs are not available for use. The closed veranda next to the hall contains the Nature House’s temporary exhibitions. The items on display there may not be moved. Upon request, it is also possible to use a video projector, a loudspeaker and a television screen.


The Nature House hands over its premises to external users in an “as is” condition. The external party is responsible for any initial cleaning. They must also ensure that the facilities are tidy after use. Please see Appendix 2 for further instructions. The Nature House may also organise the after-cleaning for a fee.

The external party must ensure that the premises are cleaned. This involves cleaning the furniture, floors and tables etc. that have been used (wiping, removal of stains). Waste must be sorted and taken to the waste collection point. If furniture and dishes have been used, they must be returned to their original locations. The external party agrees to make sure that the building is tidied by 7:00 am on the following morning. Outdoor areas must also be left tidy. If the external party neglects the cleaning, the Nature House will invoice them for the cleaning costs.


If a confirmed reservation is cancelled within seven or fewer days before the event, the external party will be invoiced 50% of the reservation fee as administrative fees.

The responsibilities of the external party

The external party must appoint a person in charge of the event. The person must be at least 18 years old and present at the premises throughout the event.

The external party is responsible for protecting the building and the furniture that they are permitted to use against damage. The party will be liable for any damage caused to all fixed and movable property in Villa Elfvik. They are also responsible for all equipment and other property they bring to Villa Elfvik.

The person in charge of booking the facilities shall see to that the facilities are used only until the agreed point in time and that there are no unauthorised persons present. The event may not cause noise or other disturbances. Loud noises may not be heard outside the Nature House after 11 pm. The person in charge must see to that someone is present at the facilities until the guard closes the building. The person in charge commits to following instructions by the staff regarding furniture and equipment. Neither the event nor preparations must disturb the regular activities in the house.

Fire safety and personal safety

Smoking indoors is forbidden.  Due to a fire hazard, lighting the fireplaces or indoor candles is forbidden. Outdoor fires must be placed on non-flammable surfaces in locations indicated by the Nature House personnel. Fog machines may not be used. Any costs incurred by unnecessary fire alarms are invoiced to the external party if the alarm has been set off by their actions, such as by smoking or by candles. The defibrillator can be found in the kitchen passage next to the café door.


You can use a catering service of your choice at the Nature House. Its contact information must be given to the Nature House before the event. The Nature House’s kitchen is a catering kitchen and not suitable for preparing food. Catering must be ordered from the café of the Nature House if the café is scheduled to be open at the time of your event. Disposable tableware may not be used at Villa Elfvik.

Preparations before the event

The preparation time the event organiser needs before the event is not subject to a fee. On weekdays, event preparations may begin after the Nature House closes. On days when the café is open, preparations may begin approximately an hour after the Nature House is closed. The preparations may not interrupt the Nature House’s primary operations. Temporary structures may only be erected with permission from the Nature House personnel. Guideposts and posters may only be attached to the places reserved for them.

Transfer of contract and contractual amendments

The party reserving the premises does not have the right to transfer the permit to use the premises or to hand over the premises to a third party without the prior consent of the Head of the Nature House. Any amendments to the permit to use the premises must be made in writing.

Please note that disposable dishes are not used in events held in the building. The Nature House observes the principles of sustainable development and hopes to encourage its customers to observe them as well.

More information from the Nature House, tel. 043 826 9208