Juurisyy – Katja Reina's graphic art at Nature House Villa Elfvik

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In the Juurisyy exhibition, nature-related themes reflect the diversity of human emotions and life situations. With her art, Reina wants to remind us all of the importance of maintaining an interactive relationship with nature.

“In these works, I have explored the interaction between nature and human emotions. The ideas for my works have come to me in the middle of nature – with my head in the clouds and my toes in the water. I have tried to crystallise the flow of images into quick sketches, and some of them continued to grow into artworks,” Katja Reina says about the birth of her art.

In her works, natural objects act as symbols. We humans have a great deal in common with all the living things that surround us. Each work of art at the Juurisyy exhibition is unique; there are no other artworks exactly like them.

The colour palette is subdued, and the shades are inspired by the colours of nature. The works have a strong graphic quality, but they do contain details that emerge when you view them up close.

The plates used to create certain prints have usually been reused in a different form in another work. Only non-toxic printmaking methods have been used, respecting the natural environment. In some of the works, the artist has used roots gathered from fallen trees.

The exhibition is held in the temporary exhibition space at the Nature House Villa Elfvik, Elfvikintie 4, Laajalahti, Espoo. Nature House Villa Elfvik is open Mon–Fri 9:00–15:00 and on All Saints’ Day, Sat 31 October, 10:00–16:00. Café Elfvik is open on Sundays and midweek holidays whenever the Nature House is open. Admission to the Nature House and the Juurisyy exhibition is free.

Information and location


Wed 2020-10-07 9:00 - Sun 2020-11-29 16:00


Nature House Villa Elfvik

Elfvikintie 4, Espoo

Contact information

+358 43 826 9208


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