Instructions for groups visiting Villa Elfvik

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We hope that you contact us in advance when you are planning to bring a group to the Nature House. We may be expecting a number of groups at the same time during high season. If we are informed of your visit beforehand, we can plan your group’s route in the house and the surrounding nature. You can contact us by phone, tel. 043 826 9208 or by e-mail:

The weather in Finland is perfect for hiking throughout the year as long as you remember to dress properly. Villa Elfvik is located on the shore of Laajalahti Bay, so be prepared for winds blowing from the sea. During stormy weather, visitors should avoid hiking in the old forests in the area as trees may fall down.

Having a picnic in the wild is often one of the highlights of a trip. Please remember not to leave rubbish behind. Disposable dishes are not used in the area around Villa Elfvik, so we do not recommend juice cartons, yogurt pots etc. Good sandwiches, fruit and root vegetables are easy to eat on a picnic. Drinks can be carried in individual, refillable flasks. If necessary, we borrow dishes from the house, but you should request for them in advance!

During rainy weather, we try our best to arrange for visitors to have a picnic indoors. During high season when there are a lot of groups, you may need to wait a moment for your turn. We hope that you remember to keep your schedule flexible!

We suggest that you reserve at least 3 hours for visiting Villa Elfvik. This way, you do not feel like you are in a rush and you have time to hike in nature, enjoy a picnic and explore the Nature House.

Children should take off their shoes when playing in ‘Mäyrän metsä’ (Badger’s Forest) on the upper floor of the Nature House so that the creatures of the forest do not get all muddy. Shoes can be left at the top of the staircase next to the costumes cupboard. You can keep your shoes on when touring the rest of the building.

Before visiting Villa Elfvik, you might want to gather your group together to read the checklist for nature lovers. The list provides tips on how to behave in the Laajalahti Nature Reserve or anywhere in nature. Our most important message to visitors is to remember to respect and protect nature. You can help us do this by preparing for the visit with your group in advance.