Friends of Villa Elfvik

Friends of Villa Elfvik was established in 1995 to support the activities of Nature House Villa Elfvik. The association aims to promote environmental awareness and education in the City of Espoo as well as promote the activities of Nature House Villa Elfvik, in particular.

In addition, the association strives to keep the environment around Villa Elfvik in its natural state. The aim is to also increase the number of friends of Villa Elfvik and thus further support the activities of the Nature House. The association provides its members positive experiences in nature and allows them to examine Villa Elfvik’s architectural and cultural history.

The bird-watching night in the beginning of June.JPGPrimary Forms of Operation

The association organises public events, open to all, including popular events that have already become an established tradition: the bird-watching night in early summer and the Christmas sale.

In addition, the association supports the activities of Villa Elfvik by assisting in the publication and sales of printed products. The association has published a collection of postcards depicting the history of Villa Elfvik.

Become a Member

If you are interested to join the Friends of Villa Elfvik, you should pay the membership fee to the association’s bank account.

Receiver’s account number:  FI07 8000 1670 3703 20
Receiver: Villa Elfvikin ystävät ry
Membership fees:  Full membership EUR 15
Family membership EUR 5
Supporting membership EUR 150

More information:

Nature House Villa Elfvik, tel. +358 43 826 9208,