Long live Espoo exhibition

The main exhibition room, describing the best features of nature in Espoo, is divided into three sections: herb-rich forests, aquatic wildlife and forests. An auxiliary room displaying nature in wetlands allows visitors to study the birds and the underwater world of the Laajalahti Nature Reserve. From there, you can also get to a balcony with nests.

In addition, the exhibition includes a collection of nature-themed maps, information about threats to nature in Espoo and actions to preserve it. You can also consider what you could do to protect nature yourself. At the exhibition, you can select one of the actions printed on pieces of plywood and hang it on a peg where you think your help is needed.  You can also pick up brochures about, for example, nature trails in Espoo.

The exhibition was revamped in 2017–2019. There is plenty to see for visitors of all ages and sizes. Here is a glimpse of the different sections of the exhibition.

Herb-rich forests

Admire beautiful pictures showing the changes, splendid spring flowers and microorganisms in herb-rich forests. Listen to the springtime singers of the forests. Peek into boxes of crawling bugs. Feel the real seeds of hardwood trees, the spines of a hedgehog and the soft fur of a fox. Explore the wonderful world of plants.

Archipelago and other aquatic wildlife

Study a treasure map of aquatic wildlife in Espoo and find the best habitats for organisms fastened by magnets. Dive in deeper and become acquainted with the organisms living on the rocky shore of the Gulf of Finland. Peer into a grave from the Bronze Age and create chalk drawings on rocks. Compare the salinity of brackish water and seawater. Learn about sources of microplastics and their effects on aquatic organisms.  


Decayed trees offer places to live for many organisms. Open the hatches and find out who lives inside this tree. Try and feel the forest or write poems about it. Peek into the hatches to find out who lurks under the snow. In the spring, otters and dippers dive into streams in search of food. See if you can get the black woodpecker to hammer a tree.

Information about forests is also provided in braille. You can write poems using magnet words or read the instructions for a trout game. You can track the route of a trout from the sea to the spawning brook with your finger.

Wetlands area with birds and the immediate surroundings of the nature house

Villa Elfvik’s map familiarises visitors with the surrounding nature and nature trails. Visit the jetty to hear the birds of this valuable wetland. A world of its own, governed by fish and benthos, opens up under the jetty. You can even hug a soft, enormous three-spined stickleback there. Peer into a microscope to immerse yourself into the world of microorganisms. Bring your own sample to study! 

Balcony with nests

On the balcony, you can see a spotted flycatcher, northern bat and hedgehog, but can you find their nests? Take a photo with the creature of your choice and help it nest. #longliveespoo

Come and visit the Long Live Espoo exhibition!