Out of all the municipalities in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Espoo has the most waterbodies, and its 95 lakes and numerous ponds offer a wide variety of freshwater habitats. In Northern Espoo, the Nuuksio highlands are dotted with many clear-watered lakes and murky bonds. The southernmost lake is situated on Pentala Island.

Espoo also has many lush and nutrient-rich lakes, including the great Bodomjärvi, Pitkäjärvi, Lippajärvi and Matalajärvi, a Nature 2000 network site. The main sources of eutrophication are the phosphorus and nitrogen from rural and agricultural sources. The rugged lakes in Nuuksio highlands have remained in good condition.

Lakes provide many opportunities for leisure and recreation. The City of Espoo has 10 beaches, whose water temperature and algae status can be monitored via beach info. All lakes in Espoo are open for canoeing or SUPing, and in winter, you can dip in freezing cold water in two winter swimming areas in Pitkäjärvi and Bodominjärvi.