Flowing waters – natural richness in Espoo

Due to their sharply sloped terrain, the northern and western parts of Espoo have an exceptional number of small, individual lake basins. This has created a wide flowing water network with streams and rivers running through varying forest and mire habitats, open terrain, cultivated fields and residential areas.

Espoo offers the richest river habitats in the whole Southern Finland from clear-watered, rugged highland streams all the way to lush, murky estuaries in the Baltic Sea. As a result of the number of lakes and the shortness of flowing waters, flow alternation and flood cycle differ from the rest of the coastal region. Even short streams and rivers have an abnormally high number of rapids.

The most valuable flowing water sites in Espoo are concentrated in the western and northern parts of the city: Mankinjoki, Gumbölenjoki and Myllypuro in Nuuksio; Glimsinjoki and Glomsinjoki at the upper course of Espoonjoki; and their headwater streams. In addition to the rich fish species diversity, flowing waters offer a preferred habitat for the Otter and the White-throated dipper.