Let’s take care of biodiversity

We share our planet with numerous species that, together with their habitats, form a life-sustaining network. Nature offers us services without which we could not live. Species-rich nature is also more resilient to changes such as climate change.

Each species is valuable in itself, a gem that has evolved perhaps over millions of years. Once it is gone, it will never come back. Unfortunately, biodiversity is constantly decreasing at a rapid pace due to human activities. We can all, however, do something to protect the environment.

2020 is a super year for nature, during which new international goals will be set to safeguard biodiversity. Espoo is celebrating the biodiversity year under the theme “Enchanted by Urban Nature” (Lumoudu kaupunkiluonnosta).

Lumoudu kaupunkiluonnosta 2020 sininen logo

The aim of the theme year is to raise awareness of biodiversity and its importance, help people recognise signs of biodiversity and offer them ways to safeguard it in their daily lives. We also want to tell you what the City of Espoo is doing to promote biodiversity. In addition, we want to encourage everyone to go out and enjoy nature.

You are all welcome to enjoy the diversity of nature and help protect it

  • Visit the amazing natural sites in Espoo.
  • Take action for nature.
  • Send your questions to an expert on the City of Espoo’s Instagram account (the date will be announced later).
  • Share your actions to protect nature on social media and see what others are doing. Use these hashtags: #luontoteko #luonto2020 #espoo.
  • We are also planning various events, but they depend on the coronavirus situation. We will try to offer as many activities online as possible. Stay tuned and enjoy your local nature!