Bird watching towers

Espoo has seven bird watching towers maintained either by the city or Metsähallitus. They are built next to water in places suitable for observing both migrating and nesting birds. Many of the towers are located along nature trails for easy access. The tower near Villa Elfvik is accessible even with a wheelchair or a pram.

Bird watching towers in Espoo:

Espoonlahti bird watching tower

Espoonlahti watching tower is located in the cove of a bay on Fiskarsinmäki southern bank. The bay and its reeds provide an important nesting site from many aquatic and wetland birds. If you are lucky, you may see the Grey heron or the Osprey catching fish.

In addition to birds, Fiskarsinmäki offers a lot to see and explore. Hardwood forest, a rarity in Finland, is well worth a visit. In early spring, the hazels bloom in yellow, and the Bulbous corydalis, the Wood anemone, the Hepatica, the Yellow anemone and other beauties take over the herb-rich forest. Later in summer, handsome little-leaf lindens start casting their shade on the forest floor.

The car park closest to the watching tower is located at Lasilaakso 15. There is an information board at the car park and a nature trail up to the tower.

Finnoo bird watching towers

The nature trail circling around the Suomenoja basin has two watching towers. Suomenoja or Finnoo basin is an excellent location for seeing the many birds in the area from up close. The most important species nesting in the area include the Moorhen and the Slavonian grebe. The basin is encircled by a nature trail accessed from the parking area east of Hyljeluodontie.

Suomenoja is going through a transition due to the relocation of the Espoo water treatment plant, which has dominated the area for decades. Future plans remain vague, but the preservation of the bird area is among top priorities. The nature trail circling the basin is no longer in top condition, but its renovation will be postponed until plans for the area have been finalised. The paths will remain open, but the signs are not renewed.

Hanikka bird watching tower

Hanikka watching tower is located in a cape on the southern shore of Kaitalahti. It is along the Hanikka nature trail, which can be accessed, for example, from the south end of Riilahdentie or next to Suinonsalmi bridge on Suvisaarentie.

Kaitalahti is one of the most species-rich bird wetlands in Espoo, and the Hanikka watching tower one of the best places for birding, especially in spring. Amidst the reeds, you may spot the Mallard, the Coot and the Great crested grebe, among others

Local birdlife and the development thereof have been tracked since the 1980s. During this time, the Mute swan, a non-indigenous species, has established its place among the birds nesting in Kaitalahti. The mallard-like Gadwall is the latest newcomer.

Laajalahti bird watching tower

Laajalahti nature reserve has been protected as a nesting and resting place for birds. The watching tower is situated on the south side of the bay and is best accessed via the nature trail between Villa Elfvik and Otaniemi.

Matalajärvi bird watching tower

Matalajärvi bird watching tower is located near the Margaretberg petting zoo and can be visited at the same time. The path leading to the tower runs next to the horse grazing field. The seaside meadow between the tower and Matalajärvi is kept open to attract diverse birdlife.

Villa Elfvik bird watching tower

Bird watching tower is located along the Villa Elfvik nature trail, on the shores of Laajalahti, and can also be accessed with a wheelchair or a pram. The 800 m trail is best accessed from outside Villa Elfvik, Elfvikintie 4.