Explore nature in Espoo

Espoo features herb-rich and old-growth forests, bird wetlands, an archipelago and Nuuksio National Park as its crown jewel. In addition to many valuable and protected sites, Espoo's local nature is versatile and rich. Therefore, the city offers excellent opportunities for both guided and self-guided excursions.

In Espoo, you do not need to venture far to experience nature; a visit to Espoo central park or one of the other green oases in the middle of the city is often enough to give you a welcomed break from daily stresses. Go out and explore the parks, nature sites and trails, or spend time birdwatching in one of the many observation places or towers.

If you want to spend a night outdoors, there are several camping and tenting areas available. In Nuuksio, there is enough to see for multi-day hikes. If the sea is more your element, archipelago traffic allows you to admire the beautiful scenery for a day or longer.