Environmental supervision

Environmental supervision provides services to both companies and private citizens. Its operations are governed by the Environmental Protection Act, the Waste Act, the Water Act, the Land Extraction Act, and other laws and orders. Environmental legislation is complemented by the environmental protection regulations of the City of Espoo, which are municipal provisions adopted to prevent environmental pollution.

The implementation of the environmental protection regulations is controlled by the Environment Department. The Department also supervises the activities of various companies and operators under the Environmental Protection Act, for example. Certain activities may also be subject to a permit or a notification. If you have questions or information regarding permit applications, environmental damage, unauthorised landfills, noise pollution caused by events or construction sites, smoke or dust problems, conduction of water, or exemption from municipal water supply and sewerage, please contact the Espoo Environment Department.

The Environmental Health Care is in charge of monitoring interior noise, domestic and bathing waters, and the protection of animals in Espoo. It conducts inspections and surveys, takes samples, processes notifications, provides information, and assists in veterinary matters.