Environment Department

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Espoo Environment Department is the municipal authority of environmental protection and conservation in Espoo.

Environmental protection and monitoring

The Environment Department is responsible for the protection of nature, air and water, and for monitoring waste and hazardous waste management. The department processes permit applications related to environmental protection and waste management, and issues and receives noise notification forms. The Department also answers questions pertaining to permits and notifications.

Espoo Environment Department permits and notifications: (in Finnish)

Nature conservation and environmental education

The Espoo Environment Department sees to the maintenance of nature reserves and trails owned by the City, and promotes environmental aspects in land use planning. We also provide assistance in matters related to private land protection and conservation, and perform and order nature surveys. Additionally, the Espoo Environment Department organises trips and excursions throughout the year. The environmental education centre situated in Nature House Villa Elfvik is open all year round.

The Environment Department cooperates with other authorities, organisations, associations and projects, and takes part in different theme years and projects.

In addition to the Environment Department, many other Espoo municipal units and offices are involved in environmental work. Environmental issues in Espoo are governed by the Environment Committee, which meets about once a month.