Endangered species

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Espoo provides a habitat for 73 vulnerable or endangered species and 101 near-threatened species. Of the first mentioned, three are critically endangered – the Bembidion monticola (beetle), the Hygrophorus purpurascens (fungus) and the Cladonia incrassata (lichen) – nine endangered and 61 vulnerable. The new Red List of Finnish Species, released in late 2010, may have brought about some changes in the Espoo figures.

Espoo's fauna includes species under strict protection by the Nature Conservation Decree, among them two beetles: the Macroplea pubipennis in Espoolahti bay and the Bembidion monticola in Glomsjoki river rapids. In addition, a number of species listed as strictly protected under the EU Natural Habitats Directive live here, including the Flying squirrel and many bat species.

Rich fauna and flora reflect the biological diversity in Espoo. Birds, mammals and vascular plants have been thoroughly categorised, but the many beetles, butterflies, Aphyllophorales and mosses in Espoo are also fairly well-known.