The grandest bus terminal in Finland and Merituulentie to be opened in Tapiola

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2019-02-18 10:36

The new bus terminal in Tapiola

Mobility and service access in Tapiola will be improved significantly as of 4 March with the opening of the bus terminal for connecting traffic and Merituulentie road, which runs through the district. The terminal and Merituulentie will remove many bottlenecks and make traffic flow smoother. Merituulentie has been closed to traffic since the spring of 2013. 

The new and modern bus terminal provides direct access to the  AINOA shopping centre, the metro station and Länsituulenkuja in the centre of Tapiola. A western entrance to the metro station will also be completed at the same time, providing a new southern access way into the bus terminal waiting room and an indoor route over Merituulentie. 

“This is an important phase in the renovation of Tapiola Centre, even though the work around Merituulentie will continue. The new bus terminal will significantly improve public transport services in Tapiola. Local residents will be able to travel and access services more easily,” says Head of Environment and Technical Services Olli Isotalo. 

“In addition to this, the Cultural Centre and Kulttuuriaukio Square and their surroundings will go through some changes. The architectural design competition for them will be resolved during the early part of the year. 

Switch between transports smoothly indoors 

Buses arriving in and departing from Tapiola currently run through the terminal. It now also houses the stops for the 550 bus line between Itäkeskus and the Westendinasema station as well as the 551 line from Tapiola to Herttoniemi by way of Meilahti. Passengers can currently switch from one form of transport to another indoors. The opening of the terminal will change some of the bus routes. Further information will be provided in the near future on the HSL website at

The new terminal will improve access from southern Espoo particularly towards Leppävaara and Meilahti by providing a connecting bus within the same terminal. During peak hours, up to 80 bus lines depart from the terminal every hour.

The temporary bus terminal in front of Garden Hotel by Tapionaukio Square will be decommissioned. The Pohjantie stops will continue to be used by lines to and from the terminal. The bus yard on the east side of Tapiola Centre will be landscaped and eventually allocated to the shared use of local residents. 

2019 is an extremely significant year for Tapiola. In addition to the bus terminal, an expansion to the AINOA shopping centre, including a variety of new shops and services, will be opened in October. This will double the number of shops in AINOA, increasing the total to 120. At the same time, two new access routes to the metro station will be made available. In the autumn, cyclists will also gain a new access path to the bicycle parking area and new routes will be opened for pedestrians. 

The new and modern bus terminal in Tapiola

Bus terminal opening event on Monday 4 March at 11 am 

The official opening ceremony of the Tapiola bus terminal will be held on Monday 4 March 2019, starting at 11 am. Jukka Mäkelä, Head of Technical and Environment Services Olli Isotalo, HSL:n Executive Director of HSL Suvi Rihtniemi, Chief Executive Officer of HKL Ville Lehmuskoski and Managing Director of Länsimetro Oy Ville Saksi. To celebrate the opening, the first 400 visitors will receive cake and coffee.

The entire Tapiola will celebrate on 9 March  from 10 am to 3 pm

The opening of the bus terminal and Merituulentien will be celebrated on 9 March from 10 am to 3 pm at an open event, providing a variety of entertainment for people of all ages. The performers include Petteri Sariola, Hevisaurus and the Espoo Big Band Sextet. The event will be organised by the City of Espoo, Helsinki Regional Transport, the AINOA shopping centre and Länsimetro Oy. The full programme will be published online at

Photos: Janne Ketola / Summit Media Oy