Housing and services

Tapiola currently has some 9,700 inhabitants, and the number expected to grow to 15,000 by 2050.

Tapiola’s new bus terminal was inaugurated in 2019. It is a significant public transport hub that allows Tapiola’s residents and visitors to get around easily. The bus terminal made it easier for passengers to transfer from feeder traffic to the metro. It also facilitates access from southern Espoo towards Leppävaara, for example. The bus terminal makes it possible to wait for the bus indoors.

The shopping centre Ainoa was extended further in autumn 2019. Once completed, it will contain more than 100 specialty stores and services. More than 300 apartments will be built above Ainoa.

New apartments are also being built next to the Exhibition Centre WeeGee. The first residents have already moved there.

New blocks of flats have also been built in the sports park in Tapiola, next to the metro station. A grocery shop already operates in one of them.

Service tokens on the map:

Purple: Daycare

Green: School

Red: Hospital or health center

Turquoise: Dental Clinic

Clicking on the color mark will display the name and address of the service.

Click the "Maximize map" button to enlarge the map. A large map opens in a new tab.

From the top left of the big map, you can select more services to display: Click on the icon at the top left, which is the bottom of the list to open several menus. The Services menu is also available there. Clicking on a small blue triangle will display the list of services. Check the services you want to appear in the map view.