Finland’s largest pedestrian centre Tapiola completely revamped

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2019-03-22 15:35

The development of Tapiola Centre continues. Finland’s largest pedestrian centre will be further expanded and diversified, turning it into a unique centre of culture and commerce.

Tapiola Project Director Antti Mäkinen says that the metro has played a key role in speeding up the renewal work.

“The location of the metro station in Tapiola Centre offered a unique opportunity to develop this area, which had been on the decline for some time.”

According to him, the renewal of Tapiola Centre is an exceptional urban centre development project in the history of Finland.

“The majority of the building stock is being renewed within a dense urban structure, while the residents and entrepreneurs go on with their daily lives.”

The opening of the new bus terminal in early March was a significant milestone, not only in terms of the overall development of the area but also from the perspective of those living in and visiting Tapiola. Merituulentie, which had been closed for traffic for six years, was reopened at the same time.

“Even though the renovation work still continues in the vicinity, the opening of the bus terminal and Merituulentie was a great leap in the Tapiola Centre renewal project,” Mäkinen says. 

Bussit liikkeellä Merituulentiellä

Merituulentie has been reopened for traffic after being closed for six years.

Tapiolan bussiterminaalin avajaiset 9.3.2019

The opening of the Tapiola bus terminal was celebrated on 9 March 2019 with a public event open to everyone.

Coming up in autumn 2019

The next big step in Tapiola will be taken in October 2019 with the completion of the latest extension of the AINOA shopping centre. When the extension opens, the floor area of the shopping centre will grow to 50,000 square metres and the number of shops and services will be more than doubled to a total of 120. One of the most eagerly awaited parts of the extension is the 1,500-square-metre restaurant world with its terraces. There will also be several new shops specialising in fashion and services.

Antti Mäkinen kertoo mitä Tapiolassa tapahtuu seuraavaksi.
Tapiola Project Director Antti Mäkinen told the audience at the bus terminal opening party about what will happen next in Tapiola.

Moving around Tapiola will become even easier in the autumn, with the opening of new routes for pedestrians. The autumn will also see the completion of the new Merituulentori square, below which there will be parking space for over 400 bicycles. Users of the bicycle parking area will be in for great art experiences, since there will be a work of art covering the entire area. There will be direct access to the metro station from the parking area.

Culture will play an increasingly prominent role in Tapiola as the revamped Espoo Cultural Centre, WeeGee Exhibition Centre and City Events will deepen their role in the area. Design work for Kulttuuriaukio Square and Espoo Cultural Centre has already started on the basis of the winning entry in the architectural competition. In the Cultural Centre, there will be a new hall whose main user is Espoo City Theatre. The library will be expanded and the surroundings of the entire square improved.

According to Antti Mäkinen, the area has been developed for a decade now but the work still continues.

“The centre of Tapiola and its valuable architecture will be preserved, but the rest of the area is being revamped to increase its quality significantly. The area will also receive thousands of new residents, making the centre even more lively.”


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Scenes from the Tapiola bus terminal opening party

Hevisaurus villitsi bussiterminaalin avajaisjuhlassa
Hevisaurus made children wild at the bus terminal opening party.

Petteri Sariola esiintyi kauppakeskus Ainoassa.
Petteri Sariola performed at the Ainoa shopping centre.

Lapsi tutustuu lipputarkastajan työhön
Children learned about the work of ticket inspectors.

Rosa Pakkala bändeineen esiintyi Tuulikkisillan tapahtumalavalla.
Rosa Pakkala and her band performed on the Tuulikinsilta stage.

Juhlaväelle oli tarjolla kakkua ja kahvia.
Coffee and cake were served to everyone at the opening celebration.

Photos: Olli Häkämies.