Tapiola is a lively urban centre characterised by art, culture, sports and services. The Tapiola metro station directly leads to a busy area that is the largest unbroken pedestrian zone in Finland.

In 2017, Tapiola became easier to reach by public transport when the metro started to operate. Mobility and running errands became even easier when the new bus terminal was inaugurated in March 2019. The Merituulentie road that traverses Tapiola was simultaneously opened for traffic.

Although development and construction will continue in Tapiola in the coming years, its historical profile as a garden city will be preserved. The areas surrounding Espoo Cultural Centre and Kulttuuriaukio Square will be integrated further into central Tapiola, but the Central Tower designed by architect Aarne Ervi and the pedestrian zone will be conserved.

Culture will gain more visibility in Tapiola in the future as the renewed Espoo Cultural Centre, the Exhibition Centre WeeGee and City Events adopt an even more prominent role as cultural operators in the area.

The goal is to develop Tapiola into an increasingly diverse area in the near future, bringing excellent commercial services and key public services together. The district will be made increasingly comfortable with high-quality pedestrian and cycling routes and new squares that will serve as meeting places. The existing high-quality public transport terminals and smoothly functioning parking facilities and service and waste management routes will serve as a great starting point for future development.

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Further information:

Project Director Antti Mäkinen, antti.o.makinen@espoo.fi, +358 50 593 1339.