Opinmäki’s AKKU has started as Espoo’s first self-service library

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2015-10-27 12:12

Recently opened in Opinmäki, Suurpelto, the Active Learning Centre (AKKU) is Espoo’s first self-service library. Customers can also get into the library when there is no staff present.

The self-service system extends AKKU’s opening hours so that the majority of the library services may be used every day from 7 am to 10 pm almost without exception. The library’s lights and computers have been programmed to switch on and off according to the self-service library hours. The technical solution also includes automatic announcements and camera surveillance.
Customers can get into self-service library by feeding their library card and its PIN code into the reader at the door. In the library, you can borrow and return materials, pick up reserved books, read the library’s materials and use computers independently.

A self-service library is a solution for extending the opening hours of libraries cost-efficiently.

New self-service libraries in the near future

Espoo’s next self-service libraries will be Karhusuo and Nöykkiö, whose self-service solutions will be built and introduced before the end of the year. After this, in 2016, the intention is to turn four other libraries into self-service libraries.

Self-service opening hours are popular in the library world and used in nearly all libraries in Denmark, for example. In Finland, the corresponding service has been offered for some time now by, among others, Vantaa’s Point Library. Some other libraries in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area do not have an actual self-service system but can still be used independently by the local community by other means.

All self-service libraries in Espoo will be equipped with an easy-to-use electronic feedback system. This way, we at the City Library can see if the library users are satisfied with the self-service opening hours and can answer related questions.

All self-service solutions at HelMet libraries