Opinmäki includes an extensive selection of Espoo’s education and cultural services for city residents of various ages. Opinmäki is a uniform comprehensive school and day care centre as well as a versatile recreational centre.

Opinmäki houses the Espoo international school and Finnish-speaking comprehensive school, early education premises, a sports hall as well as premises for a library, adult education centre and Youth Department. There will also be international interaction and co-operation, both by means of information technology and in the form of visits and genuine meetings.

Espoo International School

Päivänkehrän koulu

Opinmäen päiväkoti (in Finnish)

Suurpelto Library

Reservation of Opinmäki Facilities: opinmaki.info@espoo.fi

Sports Hall-> Liikuntapaikkojen varaus (in Finnish "Opinmäen palloilusali" )