Suurpelto is a growing park-like district in the middle of Espoo. The guiding stars of its construction are sustainable development, lifelong learning, new forms of services, internationality and a family-oriented atmosphere.

Suurpelto has more than 4,000 inhabitants, and the number is estimated to reach 14,000 by 2050.

Suurpelto’s unique assets include a variety of housing options, good public transport connections, local commercial services, an international and a Finnish comprehensive school, and public and private day care centres. Not forgetting its location close to nature and various parks, such as the Angry Birds park, a fitness park for senior citizens, the Garden of Love with fruit trees planted by residents, the verdant Lillhemt park with its communal grill, urban allotments and the Espoo Central Park just a stone’s throw away.

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Further information:

Project Director Pekka Vikkula,, +358 46 877 2601.

Aerial view over Suurpelto.
Aerial view over Suurpelto. Photo: Olli Urpela.