Construction of the Keilaniemenpuisto footbridge begins

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2021-02-05 14:26

A new footbridge is under construction between Itäranta and Keilaniemi. The bridge will provide pedestrians with easy access from Keilaniemenpuisto over the Ring I tunnel to the metro station. Construction of the bridge started at the turn of the year, and the aim is to make the bridge available to the public around May Day. The contractor is GRK Infra Oy.

As the surroundings of the metro station will change a great deal in the coming years, the bridge will be temporary and will remain in place for an estimated 5–10 years. However, the bridge will be of high aesthetic quality, with its colourful triangular panels and large windows. The bridge will also be covered and, thus, more comfortable to use. The bridge will have a steel framework which may be used in other temporary locations later. The bridge has been designed by Arkkitehtitoimisto CJN Oy with Jukkapekka Lonka as the main architect. Sweco Rakennetekniikka Oy is in charge of structural engineering.

The bridge crosses the unfinished site between the metro station and the Keilaniemi tunnel, which has a lot of construction-related traffic due to the adjacent building projects. The bridge ends next to the metro station, which can be accessed through stairs or an elevator. The bridge is not meant for cycling. Due to the height differences, this would have required a long ramp, which is not a feasible plan. Cyclists can use the cycle path at the southern end of Keilaniemenpuisto. There are also plans to build a pedestrian and cycle path from the northern end of the park down to Keilaniementie. This path can be implemented after the office building under construction at the site is completed.