The development of Otaniemi goes hand in hand with that of Keilaniemi, as these two areas will eventually merge into an unbroken urban area. There are plans to build a dense urban neighbourhood for 3,000 residents in Kivimies, on the edge of the two areas.

Kivimies’ construction will begin in the early years of the 2020s, and it will be mostly completed by the early 2030.

The Ring Road I tunnel and interchanges were completed in 2019, improving safety and traffic flows in Otaniemi.

There is a unique geothermal heat project near the Aalto University metro station. St1 is drilling to an approximate depth of 7 km in the bedrock of Otaniemi, deeper than ever before in Finland. The goal is to build the first geothermal heat plant in Finland, producing emission-free heat.

Illustration from above over the new Kivimies neigbourhood.
Building in the Kivimies neigbourhood in Otaniemi will start in the early 2020s. Axonometric picture: Arkkitehtitoimisto Jukka Turtiainen Oy.