Otaniemi is undergoing major changes and will eventually be developed into a small city in its own right. Housing is being planned for the southern part of Otaniemi, namely the Kivimies area where Otaniemi meets Keilaniemi.

Metro traffic began in 2017. The Jokeri Light Rail will have three stops in Otaniemi.

Otaniemi is the home of the renowned academic and research community of Aalto University and an ever-stronger growth company culture. The Aalto University campus has become a unique centre for cooperation. The open, experimental and collaborative ecosystem attracts students, scientists, teachers, other personnel and partners from around the world.

The central building of the campus, Väre, is used by Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. It belongs to the same block of buildings as the School of Business. In addition to university operations, the same building houses the metro station, the shopping centre A Bloc and its diverse services. The campus also includes the historically significant Undergraduate Centre building designed by Alvar Aalto.

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Further information:

Project Director Antti Mäkinen, antti.o.makinen@espoo.fi, +358 50 593 1339.