Pilot application begins: An easier way to access Nuuksio

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2018-04-25 8:00

The Last mile project, which aims to improve access to the Nuuksio area and the national park, is looking for solutions to pilot. The aim is to find smart solutions for encouraging people to access Nuuksio by a means other than their cars, organising traffic and parking in the area, and providing real-time communications on the services and opportunities in the area.

The pilots will last at least three months between 8 June and 31 October 2018. The maximum price for a single pilot period is €8,000, and the maximum total price for the pilots is €33,000. The offer also includes an option for extended pilot procurement for the summer for 2019.

The invitation to tender (in Finnish) is aimed at companies providing solutions that improve accessibility. Multiple actors can also offer a pilot solution jointly.

The pilot application period will end on 18 May 2018 at 2 pm.

Workshops define the development targets

The challenges related to access to the Nuuksio area are varied. In early 2018, the Last mile project organised Metrolla metsään (A Metro into the Wild) workshops to define general development targets.

This time, the project is looking for concrete solutions to try out in the following areas:

  • Solutions to the problems with the final kilometres of travel
  • Developing internal traffic to the national park (especially between Haltia and Haukkalampi)
  • Developing a customer path for public transport
  • Enabling various modes of travel between the areas of the national park
  • Developing the accessibility of the entry points to the national park
  • Tool for managing congestion in the parking areas
  • Developing communications on services in the area and accessibility solutions
  • Profiling and highlighting different areas of the national park
  • Productisation and experiential approaches in relation to the path between Haltia and Haukkalampi
  • Other new and innovative solutions to facilitate mobility

Sparring event at the beginning of May

All companies participating in the competitive bidding have the opportunity to bring their own solution in for a company-specific sparring session in which the solution will be discussed from the perspective of the Nuuksio operating environment. 

The event will be held between 3 May and 4 May 2018 from 8 am to 12 noon in conference room Akvaario on Espoo Marketing Oy’s premises at Innopoli 2, Tekniikantie 14, Otaniemi. Companies must make their own reservations by 27 April 2017 by e-mailing suvi.kajamaa@espoo.fi. 

The time available is 25 minutes per company. The sparring team is the same for everyone and consists of representatives of Metsähallitus, Haltia and the Last mile project. The sparring sessions are confidential. 

Additional information in Finnish