Mäkelä, Mayor of Espoo, and Masar, Mayor of Kauniainen, compete in a fun vehicle race

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2016-08-17 13:36

Will Kauniainen beat Espoo in a fun vehicle race? Or will the Deputy Ambassador of the Netherlands cross the finishing line first? Come and enjoy the fun vehicle race between different modes of transport on Friday, 26 August, starting at 15.00. The race starts from Kauniainen and ends in Tapiola at the parking area of the Espoo Cultural Centre. The following cycling event is free of charge and welcomes all families to join the fun.

Each competitor of the vehicle race has a different mode of transport, such as an electric bike, a Segway, a wooden bike or just an ordinary bicycle. The competitors are, among others, Christoffer Masar, Mayor of Kauniainen, Jukka Mäkelä, Mayor of Espoo, Maria Guzenina, President of Espoo City Council and Member of Parliament, Özlem Canel, Deputy Ambassador of the Netherlands, Irma Karjalainen, Director, Regional and Environmental Information at HSY, and Marek Salermo, cycling expert. The competitors will try to get from Kauniainen to Tapiola as fast as possible.

- Cycling is an excellent way to take care of your condition. Espoo offers great recreational cycling routes both in lake and seaside scenery. But the cycling routes to one’s work, school or simply for shopping can also be just as enjoyable. The most important thing is politeness in traffic, whatever mode of transport one is using. Let’s acknowledge each other in traffic and stay the safest cycling city throughout the Metropolitan Area, says the President of Espoo City Council Maria Guzenina who will also participate in the fun vehicle race.

The cycling event provides an excellent opportunity for the public to test various environmentally sustainable modes of transport, such as electric and ordinary bikes, hoverboards, kickbikes and Segways. Get your own bike serviced at the bike repair stand and find out whether it is possible to convert your bike to an electric bicycle. A Dutch BMX stunt rider has come to Finland and will perform an amazing show every hour.

Don’t forget to check out the Bicycle pianist and great cycling-related prizes on the wheel of fortune raffle. Spot also the Tapiola library's bike loaded with books and electrified by solar panels. The solar-powered Aurinko-DJ guarantees a great atmosphere. The event is open to everybody and is free of charge.

Espoo Ciné will launch the cycling event after-party, starting 19.00 and presents Bike Shorts screenings, eight cycling-themed short films and documentaries (subject to a charge). Afterwards the public is welcome to join a cycling-related panel discussion. At the same time, the popular Street Food Carnival takes place in Tapiola.

The cycling event and the fun vehicle race are organised by HSY Climateinfo, the cities of Espoo and Kauniainen, HSL/HRT Helsinki Region Transport and the Embassy of the Netherlands.

The entire event programme is on Facebook: