Kalajärvi Service Centre now open, Espoo residents invited for coffee

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2020-01-15 13:04

The Kalajärvi Service Centre officially opened on 2 January 2020. Although regular visitors may not immediately notice the changes, a lot of preparations have taken place in the background. Soon, the service culture and even the visual signs will all show that the place is indeed a Service Centre. The first residents’ meeting that is open to everyone will be held on 22 January 2020.

In August, the City of Espoo decided to launch the Kalajärvi Service Centre as a two-year experiment. The autumn was devoted to staff training and workshops.

“We have pondered and discussed what makes a Service Centre, the meaning of a common customer and how to provide the customer with services under the same roof even more smoothly than before. Enthusiasm is in the air!” says Service Coordinator Päivi Peltomaa.

More than anything, the Service Centre is about doing things together, and this means changes to the services and the service culture. When something is changed or implemented, everyone is involved.

“We also want to listen to the residents while developing the Service Centre. This is why we would like to invite everyone who is interested to Kalajärvi Hall at the Service Centre on Wednesday 22 January from 17:30 to 19:00. At the event, we will for example discuss the renewal and accessibility of signs. I will be there with Customer Service Director Kirsi Remes. Come chat with us – let’s make the Kalajärvi Service Centre nice together,” Peltomaa says, encouraging local residents to attend.

Premises soon available for booking

The Kalajärvi Service Centre includes four spaces that Espoo residents may use: the work space Katiska and the meeting room Apaja, the teaching space Ahti and finally Kalajärvi Hall that accommodates both celebrations and lectures.

To celebrate the space becoming a Service Centre, the rooms have been given new names suggested by the customers, new coats of paint and some new furniture. As soon as the spaces are furnished, they will become available in the Varaamo service through which anyone can book them.

“The work space Katiska is suitable for independent study, for example, while the meeting room Apaja is a great place for meetings or board games,” Peltomaa says.

As a rule, the spaces can be used whenever the Service Centre is open: Monday to Friday between 8:00 and 20:00. For weekend reservations or other special requests, please send an email to kalajarvi.palvelutori@espoo.fi.

The Service Centre does not organise that many events itself. Instead, it offers free facilities for event organisers, support for their event-related communications and visibility in the Service Centres’ channels called Espoon palvelutorit: on their website and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Further information:

Service Coordinator Päivi Peltomaa
tel. 043 825 9328, paivi.peltomaa@espoo.fi