Extra space for schoolchildren at Kalajärvi Service Centre

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2021-01-21 8:55

As of 1 February 2021, the pupils in grades 1–6 at Kalajärven koulu will use the facilities of the Kalajärvi Service Centre while the new school is being built. They will have lunch in the Ahti teaching space and indoor physical education classes in Kalajärvi Hall.

The new school building will be completed in the summer of 2023. The building project will start with the transfer of technical systems in February, which is why the premises originally reserved for grades 7–9 can no longer be used. Kalajärven koulu has pupils in grades 1–9. The school’s pupils in grades 7–9 have studied at Järvenperän koulu since the autumn.

Due to the building project, pupils in grades 1–6 also need new premises, especially for physical education classes and mealtimes. Temporary premises were found near the school, at the Service Centre that has been standing empty due to the coronavirus and where the lunch kitchen is currently being renovated for Espoo Catering Oy. Espoo Catering will transfer its kitchen operations from the school building to the Service Centre kitchen.

“During the coronavirus epidemic, our premises have been used less because recreational activities have been suspended. This arrangement with the school benefits us all, as our empty premises will no longer stand idle and the school found suitable facilities nearby,” says Service Coordinator Päivi Peltomaa who is responsible for the Service Centre’s operations.

The pupils will use the Service Centre premises for about two to three years until the new school building is completed.

Once the city is able to remove the coronavirus-related restrictions, the Service Centre facilities – the work space Katiska, the meeting room Apaja and evening hours in Kalajärvi Hall – will once again be available for all Espoo residents to book through the Varaamo service.

Safety is ensured in many ways

From the beginning of February, Espoo Catering will serve lunch to 240–300 pupils at the Service Centre every day. For the time being, the Service Centre kitchen will only serve schoolchildren.

Safety will be ensured in many ways. There will be a separate route and coat racks for the pupils who visit the Service Centre during mealtimes. Only pupils from two classes will use the dining room at the same time, always maintaining safe distances from each other.

The Service Centre has received questions as to whether the kitchen could also serve lunch to the elderly. This is unfortunately not possible, as school meals will now take up the entire kitchen capacity.

“However, the pizzeria located at the Service Centre is planning to provide a buffet-style service as soon as the coronavirus situation eases, also taking into consideration the wishes of the elderly,” Peltomaa says.

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