Espoo is seeking a new operator for Oittaa camping area

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2021-05-28 12:50

The City of Espoo is seeking a new operator for Oittaa Camping Area through an application and negotiation process. The area will be conveyed through leasing. The application period will start on 31 May and end on 31 August 2021.

The City aims to develop Oittaa Camping Area

Espoo aims to sign a land lease agreement on the area with a maximum duration of 25 years. Oittaa Camping Area is located at Oittaantie 1. The land area to be leased covers 7.9 hectares, approximately. The camping area includes a reception building, two maintenance buildings and 29 log cabins. In addition to these, the area also houses a log sauna and a waste sorting facility. You can find out more about the condition of the buildings in the area via the additional information for the application process. (in Finnish)

Year-round activities in the immediate vicinity of the camping area

Oittaa Recreational Area, located on the shore of Lake Bodom, is one of the most fascinating and popular recreational areas in southern Finland. Every year, more than 100,000 people visit the area. The area is easy to get to thanks to its excellent traffic connections.

The area offers activities for all seasons. Its variety of skiing tracks serve visitors from autumn to late spring. In the summer, visitors can enjoy the fresh air at Oittaa by hiking, biking or playing disc golf, among other activities. Families are attracted by the Angry Birds playground and the wonderful beach with their services. The newest service in the area is the 700-metre-long roller skiing track.

Furthermore, the service selection includes café and restaurants services, renting of party venues, and a sports equipment shop. The old Oittaa Manor is also located in the immediate vicinity of the camping area. The City of Espoo will also be seeking a new owner for the manor in a separate process in summer 2021.

The photo shows people at Oittaa beach.
In the summer, visitors can enjoy the wonderful beach in Oittaa. Photo by Marko Oikarinen.

Application Process

The process for seeking a new operator follows the application and negotiation procedures in which you can participate by submitting a written electronic application. The application process is open to both individual operators and consortiums of multiple operators. The application period will start on 31 May and end on 31 August 2021 at 15:45 Finnish time.

We aim to select the successful applications during autumn 2021. The selection criteria will focus on the financial conditions of the project, the feasibility of the plans, and previous experience of this sector.
You can learn more about the site, the terms of conveyance and the application process via this link. (in Finnish)

Further information about Oittaa Recreational Area is available on the VisitEspoo website