Only a small part of Northern Espoo is currently covered by a town plan. A new master plan is being prepared for the northern and central parts of Espoo, and it will probably be put on display as a proposal around the turn of the year 2019–20. The future master plan will enable and enhance housing production in the area between Ring Road III and Vihdintie, on the north-eastern side of lake Bodominjärvi. The building stock in the area will remain dominated by detached houses.

Although the city’s current development efforts focus on the metro and the coastal railway, the City of Espoo also wants to engage in long-term development of Northern Espoo as part of the city’s densifying urban structure. Any development plans will take account of the valuable cultural landscapes and recreational areas of Northern Espoo.

Cyclists in forrest terrain in northern Espoo.
The development plans for northern Espoo acknowledge the treasured recreational areas. Photo: Joonas Vinnari / DSP Media.