Housing and services

Niittykumpu has excellent public transport connections to other parts of Espoo and the capital region. The metro station is linked to a shopping centre and was opened in 2017. The 24-storey apartment block Niittyhuippu stands on top of the shopping centre, near the metro station, and serves as Niittykumpu’s landmark.

Niittykumpu has an ample offering of public and private services. The shopping centre Niitty houses about 20 shops, including two grocery shops. The Niittytori square outside the shopping centre is an open, common area for all residents.

The nearby Tapiola sports park is full of opportunities for leisure activities. Niittykumpu’s park-like structure and the beautiful natural surroundings of the Gräsanoja stream ensure that for those who live in Niittykumpu, nature is never far away.

Illustration: View to north from Vuoritontuntie in Niittykumpu.

View to north from Vuoritontuntie in Niittykumpu. Illustration: B & M Architects Ltd.


Service tokens on the map:

Purple: Daycare

Green: School

Red: Hospital or health center

Turquoise: Dental Clinic

Clicking on the color mark will display the name and address of the service.

Click the "Maximize map" button to enlarge the map. A large map opens in a new tab.

From the top left of the big map, you can select more services to display: Click on the icon at the top left, which is the bottom of the list to open several menus. The Services menu is also available there. Clicking on a small blue triangle will display the list of services. Check the services you want to appear in the map view.