Niittykumpu will continue to evolve in the coming years. Housing in the area will grow denser and make the area more urban, but its green park-like nature will be conserved.

New homes will be built in the Niittykallio area in particular – the planning of new apartment blocks is under way, and they will accommodate about 1,200 people.

New homes for about 1,500 people will also be built on the former Outokumpu site. The new Outokumpu headquarters will be renovated into a school called Uusikummun koulu. A new day-care centre will also opened in the area.

New housing construction will also take place in central Niittykumpu, particularly along Merituulentie, after the car dealerships currently there move to new locations. The parking arrangements of the existing housing companies will be changed to enable the construction of five new apartment buildings. These buildings will include homes for approximately 1,800 people in total.

Illustration: Milieu plan over Riihitonttu in Niittykumpu.
Milieu plan over Riihitonttu in Niittykumpu. Illustration: Arkkitehtitoimisto Jukka Turtiainen Oy.