The Iso Omena Service Centre wins first price in innovation competition

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2017-11-24 16:35

The concept of public services centres, and the first fruit of this concept, the Iso Omena Service Centre, have won the Mayor's Innovation Competition in the City of Espoo. The high standard of the competition enhances the value of the price.

In a service centre, a range of public services are conveniently and efficiently concentrated to one place. In its first year, the Service Centre in the shopping centre Iso Omena in Matinkylä has proved that it is worth locating ten public service agencies under one roof.

A newly published ethnographic study confirms that in the focus point of the new operational culture is the mutual customer. The personnel see the customer in a more holistic way than they do in traditional public services, because at the Service Centre they know about the other services and can refer the customer these.

The model can be applied for different combinations of services

The jury found that the concept based on the experience of the Service Centre can be applied to a wide range of combinations of services, operators and premises.

The concept was also considered to have a strong theoretical as well as experience-based basis. The units and the Service Centre Manager at the Service Centre have developed the customer promise and service of the concept with the help of external experts and based on surveys.

– The Service Centre is a place for all sectors and residents in Espoo. That is why the price belongs to all, said Service Centre Manager Juha-Pekka Strömberg in his thank-you speech.

– The Service Centre had 1.3 million visitors during the first year, which makes e.g. their library one of the liveliest libraries in the country. The customers finding public services in this extent is the best reward one can get, added City Mayor Jukka Mäkelä.

Second price to KYKY activities

The competition was very close. The KYKY activities of the Education and Cultural Services came in as a close second. In KYKY, schools and child care centres develop products and services to promote learning, growth and well-being together with companies and communities. The same model of co-creation has been introduced in the Service Centre in the Quick Experiments Programme (more information in Finnish: Nopeiden kokeilujen ohjelma).

Please, read more about all the price winners in the press release.

Additional information

Service Centre Manager Juha-Pekka Strömberg, tel. 043 826 8538,