Services at the Service Centre

Map of Iso Omena Service Centre

You can download the map in bigger size: Map of Iso Omena Service Centre (pdf, 5382 Kt)

Health centre

Primary customers of the Iso Omena Health Centre are residents of Matinkylä and Olari.

Maternity and child health clinic

Iso Omena Maternity and Child Health Clinic serves the residents of Olari and Matinkylä. At the service centre, customers have the opportunity to access the clinic’s services even in the evenings and on Saturdays. In conjunction with a clinic visit, you can run other errands, take part in group activities and meet other local families with children. 

  • The clinic’s opening hours are weekdays 8 am–7 pm, Saturdays 10 am–3 pm.

The clinic’s appointment booking online or by telephone on 09 816 22800 (weekdays 8.30 am–2.30 pm)


In addition to its collections, the library also features a stage for various events, a music studio and a large makerspace for practical activities. The quiet space provides a peaceful environment for studying or reading.

  • The library is open whenever the service centre is: weekdays 7 am–9 pm, Sat 8 am–6 pm and Sun 11 am–6 pm.

Iso Omena Library website

Kohtaamo, cultural encounters

Kohtaamo is a place where immigrants in particular can meet. It houses services and trainings that support integration and a smooth everyday life in line with the goals of the Espoo Story. Seasonally, for example during school holidays, Kohtaamo’s programme includes projects and day camps.

As an exhibition space, Kohtaamo is open for everyone in Espoo. If you are interested in putting up an art exhibition in Kohtaamo, contact us at

Service Point

Service Point can provide travel cards, admission tickets and many kinds of advice and guidance regarding the city’s services. The selection also includes gym cards, +68 sports cards, fishing permits, tourist information, meal vouchers and literature about Espoo. Service Point can also function as auxiliary Kela customer service locations.

  • Service Point is open Mon–Tue, Thu–Fri 10 am–5 pm, Wed 12 noon–6 pm.
  • On the eve of any bank holiday all the Service Points will be closed at 3pm. 
  • Please check possible exceptional opening hours always on .

KELA Social Insurance Institution

  • The customer service of KELA Social Insurance Institution is open Mon–Thu 9 am–3 pm (Mon only by appointment), Fri 10 am–3 pm.
Online services
Appointments online

Laboratory HUSLAB

Laboratory HUSLAB serves all the residents of the Uusimaa Hospital District.

  • Laboratory HUSLAB at Iso Omena is open Mon–Thu 6.45 am–6 pm, Fri 6.45 am–4 pm and Sat 8 am–2 pm.

HUSLab electronic appointments
Appointments by telephone, Mon–Fri 7.30 am–3.30 pm, tel. 09 471 86800.

HUS Medical Imaging (X-ray)

HUS Medical Imaging serves all the residents of the Uusimaa Hospital District. The medical imaging services include bone and dental X-rays.

  • HUS Medical Imaging at Iso Omena is open Mon–Thu 8 am–6 pm and Fri 8 am–4 pm.

HUS Medical Imaging Center's Online Appointment Booking
Appointments by telephone, Mon–Fri 8.00 am–3.30 pm, tel. 09 471 80900.

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

We help in issues with mental health and substance abuse. You can book an appointment or arrive without an appointment. The service is free of charge.

  • For adults and young people aged 13–22 reception without appointment Monday–Thursday at 8–18, Friday at 8–16.
  • Counselling and appointment booking: 09 8163 1300 weekdays 8 am–4 pm.

Opening hours and further details

Youth services: Starttipiste at Ohjaamotalo

Young people from Espoo aged 16–29 can come to Starttipiste without a booked appointment. Starttipiste helps with questions and matters regarding job search, education, well-being and everyday life.

  • Starttipiste serves Mon–Fri 2 pm–6 pm on the spot and by phone: 043 825 7607. 
  • For more information:

Employment Corner

The Employment Corner provides face-to-face service, with no appointment required, to help people find employment or training opportunities. The service is targeted at adult job-seekers who are over 30 years old.