A virtual tour of the Service Centre

Shot with a 360-degree camera, the virtual tour gives you a view inside the Iso Omena Service Centre. If you would like to know where a certain service is located and how to get there, you can check the route in advance on your computer or smartphone. The tour is currently only available in Finnish.

How to take the virtual tour:

  • Take your mouse, or if you are using a touchscreen, take your finger on top of the map above.
  • Click on any of the red circles with red borders.
  • You can use your mouse or finger to turn the image 360 degrees.
  • Go to the next picture by clicking on the red ball with a white upwards arrow in the middle.
  • Click the red ball with the letter i to see information about the place in the current picture.
  • Click on the red square with a white right-pointing triangle (a “play” symbol) to see a video presentation of the place in the current picture.