Organising events

The Service Centre has premises that anyone can use to organise public events. There are six different meeting rooms, the Stage in the library, and a pop-up space for companies and associations.

Companies and communities are welcome to test and develop their products and services at the Service Centre together with their Espoo-based clients. However, we do not allow the following on our premises:

  • political electoral campaigns (with the exception of electoral campaign launch events that have a limited duration)
  • commercial activities such as marketing and sales.

Instructions for event and meeting organisers

In Finnish:

Please, remember at least these: 

  • See our available spaces at the Varaamo booking service. Meeting rooms are also booked through Varaamo.
    • When you find a suitable space, please read its instructions carefully.
    • The Stage, the pop-up space and Kohtaamo should be reserved by email well ahead of the intended event date. Instructions are available on the Varaamo website. Our personnel will process these reservations on a case-by-case basis. They for example check that the space is suitable for your event.
    • If you for example need loudspeakers or other equipment, contact the Service Centre personnel in advance. Detailed instructions and contact information is available on the page of each room and space on the Varaamo website.
  • After you have booked a space, remember to advertise your event if it is open for everyone. Good channels for advertising include the event calendar on and Facebook. See the instructions below (in Finnish) to learn how to market your event through the Service Centre’s online channels: