Leppävaara’s hotel offering and commercial services set for further improvement – plans for a tower hotel and shopping centre

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2018-04-20 15:11
Hatsinanpuisto_Illustration: Artto Palo Rossi Tikka Oy

A hotel, new shopping and sports centre, offices and housing are being planned in Perkkaa, Espoo, next to Leppävaara. The services in the area, which has been named Hatsinanpuisto, will complement the current commercial services available in the centre of Leppävaara and offer local services to residents of Perkkaa and Vermonniitty. The total permitted building area is about 100,000 floor square metres.

Located in the area demarcated by Perkkaantie, the railway, Ring I and Perkkaanpuronkuja, only 300 metres away from the Leppävaara station, Hatsinanpuisto has excellent traffic connections. The connections will be further improved by the Raide-Jokeri light rail line upon its completion.

Homes for three hundred residents in Hatsinanpuisto

“We aim to make Hatsinanpuisto a strong architectural whole in terms of cityscape while still giving the buildings different appearances based on their use. Between the central quarter and the higher office and residential buildings, there will be a lower shopping centre whose top floors will be used for sports and exercise. The hotel will be a landmark by Perkkaantie. Near the Vermo residential area, homes have been planned for three hundred residents,” says Tiina Piironen, Leppävaara’s regional architect.

Hatsinanpuisto from southwest. Illustration: Artto Palo Rossi Tikka Oy.

What the city would like to see in the area are attractive shops requiring a great deal of space as well as specialised shops selling sports and leisure services and products.

The Monikonpuro brook and park area will be developed in order to strengthen Perkkaa’s identity and openly welcome all city residents. Hatsinanpuisto’s green, urban heart with café and restaurant services will be built by the brook, offering a pedestrian and bicycle route that will continue all the way to the shore of Laajalahti Bay.

The City Planning Board will consider making the Hatsinanpuisto town plan amendment proposal available for public review at its meeting on 25 April.