Housing and services

Leppävaara currently has some 69,000 inhabitants, and the number is estimated to reach 100,000 by 2050. Infill construction is under way in many locations: new housing will be added to Vermonniitty in Perkkaa, Puustellinkallio in Mäkkylä and to Kilonkartano and Säteri.

Leppävaara is already urban, and it is expected to grow even more urban in the coming years as the shopping centre Sello expands and urban infill continues on the northern side of the railway. A pedestrian bridge will be built over Turuntie, linking Etelä-Leppävaara and Pohjois-Leppävaara together even stronger both in terms of functionality and the cityscape.

Pedestrian and cycling routes will be expanded to support sustainable mobility and the use of public transport.

There are many municipal services in the area, such as day-care centres, schools, a health centre and a swimming pool. Sello Library in Leppävaara is a versatile event centre whose spaces can also be reserved by the general public. A versatile selection of events and concerts are held at Sello Hall, attracting friends of classical and popular music alike. The shopping centres Sello and Galleria include grocery shops and a wide range of specialty stores and services.

Swimmers in the Leppävara outdoor pool in the summer.
Leppävara outdoor swimming pool. Photo: Tiia Neuvonen.

The sports park in Leppävaara is the largest in Espoo, offering versatile opportunities for exercise. The sports park includes an Angry Birds playground and a skate park, the second-largest adventure park in the capital region called Huippu, and a swimming pool and an outdoor pool. A new athletics-oriented multi-function hall will be built in the middle of the sports park in the near future.

The design process of the improved Laaksolahti sports park is well under way. Significant improvements to outdoor exercise facilities, activities by the lake and services are planned for the area. The Laaksolahti sports park will for example include a skate park, a gym, a beginner-friendly disc golf course, a café, an outdoor gym and an extension to the tennis hall. One of the goals of the improvement is to make the area more convenient for those who use the beach. Sports courts, a playground and an outdoor gym will be built near the beach. The pedestrian and bicycle route around Lake Pitkäjärvi will be improved. The city also intends to offer a place for ice sports by creating an artificial ice rink where the old demolished ice stadium used to be.


Service tokens on the map:

Purple: Daycare

Green: School

Red: Hospital or health center

Turquoise: Dental Clinic

Clicking on the color mark will display the name and address of the service.

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