Central Leppävaara is being developed as a compact urban area that relies on excellent public transport connections and brings housing and services together.

New housing will be built in Vermonniitty, Mäkkylä, Puustellinkallio, Palokärki and Kilonkartano. New homes for some 9,000 will be completed by 2025.

There are also plans to build homes for some 800 people in Säterinkallionkulma, less than a kilometre from the Leppävaara public transport terminal and the shopping centre Sello. The goal is to build a high-quality, cosy neighbourhood with services nearby. The area will be adjacent to the future Jokeri Light Rail line and served by one of its stops.

The Sello Shopping Centre will be extended over the railway. It will gain some 5,000 square metres of new space. A pedestrian bridge will lead from the shopping centre across the railway to the platforms and the bus terminal. Its construction may possibly begin in 2020.

A hotel, business and sports centre and some office and residential premises will be built at Hatsinanpuisto in Perkkaa, right next to Leppävaara. A park with cafeterias and restaurants will be built on the banks of the Monikonpuro stream at the same time. The construction is scheduled to begin in summer 2019.

Nine kilometres of the Jokeri Light Rail line will be in Leppävaara. There are plans to extend the City Rail Link between Leppävaara and Kauklahti with two new sets of rails, but a decision on its construction has not yet been made.

Illustration: Jokeri Light Rail at Leppävaara station.
Illustration: Jokeri Light Rail at Leppävaara station. Illustration: Jokeri Light Rail.

Plans have been made to construct a new sports and multi-purpose hall – not forgetting the adjacent services – in the Leppävaara sports park. A section of the hall will be two storeys high. In addition to an athletics field and a 200-metre indoor track, the hall will have fields and rooms for various sports, some offices and a cafeteria. The multi-purpose hall will also make it possible to hold concerts and fairs in Leppävaara.

Outdoor exercise facilities and services will also be improved at the Laaksolahti sports park. The area will for example include a skate park, a playground for children, a beginner-friendly disc golf course with nine holes and an outdoor gym near the beach. Plans have also been made to add a new building in the middle of the area. It will include changing rooms, a gym, a youth centre and a café. The Laaksolahti sports park is characterised by a long shoreline. To ensure that it will stay in active use, the City of Espoo will improve the pedestrian and bicycle route around Lake Pitkäjärvi. The tennis hall will be extended and the traffic and parking arrangements in the area will be made more functional and safer. The protected buildings and natural values of the area are taken into account in the planning and construction of the Laaksolahti sports park.