The Kivenlahti metro station and its two entrances will be built in central Kivenlahti along the Länsiväylä motorway. Metro traffic will begin in 2023. You can follow the construction of the metro in Kivenlahti on the West Metro website.

The majority of the housing production around Kivenlahti will take place in Kiviruukki, north of Länsiväylä. The southern side will grow denser thanks to infill construction in the metro centre area and adjacent to or near existing buildings.

 Illustration: Kivenlahti grows around the metro station.
Kivenlahti grows around the metro station. Illustration: SRV, Kojamo, Sito and Arkkitehtitoimisto HKP.

The goal is to attract 9,000–12,000 new inhabitants to Kiviruukki. The number of jobs is also expected to double from the current number of slightly less than a thousand. New jobs will be created by Cleantech Garden in particular. It is a new bio- and circular economy ecosystem that will be built in the area. Cleantech Garden’s first component is already there: Bioruukki, the largest bioeconomy research environment in the Nordic countries, built by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.

Kiviruukki will be linked to the rest of Kivenlahti with functional, safe pedestrian and bicycle traffic routes that will pass under the Länsiväylä motorway and lead to the metro centre and other services. The majority of the area is within a five-kilometre radius of the new Kivenlahti metro station.

The Kiviruukki area is expected to be fully complete by the 2030s.