In Kera, sustainable development is built on co-operation

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2021-01-25 11:45

Young girls taking photos with the phonePublished in Kauppalehti 18.12.2020

The City of Espoo’s objective is to permanently become the most sustainable city in Europe and achieve carbon-neutrality during the 2020s. An ambitious example of this development work is Kera, where the evolution from an old industrial area into a smart city of the future has already begun.

The area’s changes have started with the former logistics halls opening for temporary purposes, such as sports, culture and urban food production.

“Kera will be built in the middle of Espoo, into the existing city structure. In Kera, new construction will actually increase biodiversity as asphalt and concrete will be replaced with urban nature, parks and green roofs. By allowing the temporary use of the facilities, we want to contribute to the creation of a pioneering area in circular economy and offer an inspiring place to grow for new companies and idea,” says Mari Pitkäaho, SOK’s Real Estate Asset Manager.

The next step for temporary use is moving to the construction phase, during which Kera, located by the urban railway, will turn into a low-carbon residential and workplace environment.

Smart urban environments facilitate the smart use of resources

The aim with Kera’s design is to produce as little waste and emissions as possible. This goal is facilitated by data collected via a digital platform. With it, the functions can be constantly improved. The platform is being developed in the LuxTurrim5G ecosystem managed by Nokia. The project’s unique piloting environment already comprises the route from the Nokia campus to Kera station.

“The data collected from the urban environment offers countless opportunities for developing construction, mobility and sharing economy services. In addition to this, data gathered into a single marketplace makes the development work of companies more rapid. Creating solutions that follow the principles of sustainable development requires close collaboration between companies, research institutions and the City. Kera is offering an excellent testing platform for this,” says Juha Salmelin, Nokia’s leader of the LuxTurrim5G ecosystem.

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Emmi Kauhanen
Project Manager for the Smart & Clean Kera project, City of Espoo
Tel. +358 40 553 2892

The Smart and Clean Kera project is a part of the Sustainable Espoo programme driving forward the Espoo Story. The project involves eight partner companies: A-Insinöörit Oy, Espoon Asunnot, Fortum Oyj, LähiTapiola, Neste Oyj, Nokia Oyj, Ramirent Oy and SOK. Additionally, the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra and the Smart & Clean foundation of the Helsinki metropolitan area are part of the project.

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