Central Kera will grow around the railway station where the most important public and commercial services will be located. Walking routes and squares will connect the urban centre to recreational areas. High quality will be the key of housing construction and the development of outdoor locations.

Apartment buildings and business premises will be built along the boulevard that traverses the Kutoja area. The main goal is to combine the old and the new in an interesting way. Another goal is to create public services and opportunities for recreation in the area.

At the moment, there are several empty office premises in Kutoja. Plans for their renewal are under way. The Reuse Centre is already located there and attracts customers to the area. Empty spaces may be converted into homes, workshop premises, cultural centres or artists’ studios.

Known for being ecological, Kutoja is an area of many opportunities. It can be developed into a diverse centre for handicrafts and experimental art, supporting sustainable development, a circular economy and modern urban production solutions.

Illustration: Kera railway station.
Kera railway station. Illustration: City Planning Department, City of Espoo.