The Kera area will undergo major changes in the 2020s. The City of Espoo is planning to turn Kera into a city centre that will rely on the existing railway traffic. Central Kera will rise between the Nokia campus and the Kutoja area.

The station area will be transformed from a logistics site into an urban centre that caters well to pedestrians and cyclists. In addition to commercial services, the centre will include day-care centres, schools and sports and recreational services.

The goal for Kera is to become an international example of circular economy. The existing railway traffic and the ongoing development of 5G technology in the area make it possible to implement cutting-edge IoT and mobility solutions already in the construction phase.

New buildings will be constructed while the repurposing and temporary use of the existing ones will be enhanced.

Known as an industrial area, Kera borrowed its name from the ceramics plant of Kera Oy, founded there in 1920. Many companies still operate in Kera, such as Algol whose principal branch is technical trade, and a number of smaller companies.

The largest employer in the area is Nokia whose campus and headquarters are located in Karaportti, Kera.

Smart and clean Kera

The City of Espoo, its corporate partners developing the area, Sitra and the Helsinki Metropolitan Smart & Clean Foundation are working together to develop Kera into an international example of circular economy based on a digital platform. The aim is to create a pleasant, safe and clean district based on co-creation and circular economy. This will include testing and introducing new digital solutions and applications. Kera will feature, for example, new energy solutions, modes of transport and urban food production as part of a vibrant urban environment.

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Further information:

Project Director Pekka Vikkula,, +358 46 877 2601.

Aerial view over Kera.
Aerial view over Kera. Photo: Hannu Vallas.