Housing and services

Keilaniemi is being modernised and developed. The goal is to build it into a lively district with jobs, homes and versatile services.

Keilaniemi is situated along the metro line and also served by good bus, car and bicycle routes. The final stop of the Jokeri Light Rail line will be built next to the metro station.

Office and residential premises will be built next to the Jokeri Light Rail terminus. Passengers that arrive at the terminus can easily transfer to the metro via a tunnel or continue towards Otaniemi by following a new pedestrian and bicycle traffic route that will pass under Kuusisaarentie.

A new square called Keilaniementori will be built near Keilaniemenranta. Keilaniemenpromenadi, a pedestrian and bicycle traffic route, follows the shoreline right next to the waves and will become part of the Waterfront Walkway. New services will emerge along the Waterfront Walkway as well.

A tunnel will be opened for Ring Road I between Tapiola and Keilaniemi, and a park will be built above the tunnel. Four round blocks of flats will be built in the area. The highest one will be 40 storeys tall.

Aerial view of Keilaniemenranta. Illustration: SARC Architects

Keilaniemi will also expand towards Otaniemi. Plans have been made to build new apartments in the Kivimies area where the two districts meet. This will create a functional link between the districts, not to mention a new kind of a housing location that is also expected to attract international interest. The lowest floors of the apartment blocks will include premises for services and start-ups.

The extensive commercial, public and cultural services are within easy reach in Tapiola, right next to Keilaniemi.

Service tokens on the map:

Purple: Daycare

Green: School

Red: Hospital or health center

Turquoise: Dental Clinic

Clicking on the color mark will display the name and address of the service.

Click the "Maximize map" button to enlarge the map. A large map opens in a new tab.

From the top left of the big map, you can select more services to display: Click on the icon at the top left, which is the bottom of the list to open several menus. The Services menu is also available there. Clicking on a small blue triangle will display the list of services. Check the services you want to appear in the map view.