Development of Keilaniemi boosted by completion of Ring Road I construction project

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2019-12-19 8:02

The Ring Road I in Keilaniemi project in Espoo will be completed on schedule by Christmas. One of the project’s most notable efforts has been the construction of the Keilaniemi tunnel, which was opened in June 2019. The completion of the project will facilitate the development of Keilaniemi, Tapiola and Otaniemi into a coherent urban area. 

Ring Road I tunnel in Keilaniemi.

“Moving the busy Ring Road I to a tunnel in Keilaniemi facilitates the development of the area’s land use, allowing the construction of new housing and business premises around the Jokeri Light Rail terminus and metro station. The area has long been attractive, particularly from a business standpoint, but now Keilaniemi can accommodate new residents and services as well,” explains Head of Espoo Technical and Environment Services Olli Isotalo.

A new park to connect Keilaniemi and Tapiola

The nearly half-a-kilometre-long tunnel is one of the largest in Finland; it is used daily by approximately 35,000 vehicles. The project also involved the construction of a two-hectare park on top of the tunnel, connecting Keilaniemi to Tapiola. Moving Ring Road I to a tunnel has significantly decreased environmental noise and traffic emissions. In the future, the yard decks of the tower houses to be built next to Keilaniemi metro station will also be connected to the park. However, the pedestrian and cycling lanes built as part of the project are to be improved even earlier with the help of a temporary bridge from the park deck to the metro station.

Aerial view from Keilaniemi.

The extensive project also included the implementation of the Otasolmu roundabout, a new bridge connection between Tapiola and Otaniemi and a ramp bridge from Länsiväylä to Keilaniemi. Furthermore, over four kilometres of roads were improved and 2.5 kilometres of existing pedestrian and cycling lanes were renewed, in addition to the construction of new ones. The project also involved the construction of one kilometre of noise barriers.

Funded by the City of Espoo, the four-year, over 100-million euro project was carried out in collaboration with the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency, the ELY Centre and Traffic Management Finland Oy, which is responsible for the project’s technical systems. The general contractor of the project was SRV Infra Oy.

View of the entrance of the Ring Road I tunnel in Keilaniemi.

Improvement of Ring Road I continues in Espoo

The only part of the plan that remains unrealised is a direct ramp connection between Keilaniemi and Länsiväylä, which will possibly be implemented later. Ring Road I is also being improved in Espoo in Laajalahti, where two sets of traffic lights are to be replaced with an interchange. At the same time, preparations are being made for the construction of the Jokeri Light Rail line next to Ring Road I.

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Top photo: Pessi Parviainen / Summit Media Oy
Other photos: City of Espoo

The Ring Road I in Keilaniemi construction project is being carried out as a collaboration between the City of Espoo and the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency in 2016–2019. The general contractor of the project is SRV